How to get your relationship back on track!

Deep down, most individuals don’t want to give up on each other or the relationship but they feel so “stuck”. They don’t have the right tools or support to see them through the tough times.

We have Life Coaches who have specific training that can help you to move on from the past and to create a new and inspiring future vision of your relationship AND help you map out the steps you need to take to make it a reality.

When you are in the depths of a long-term or significant relationship it can be very hard for either of you to notice or know exactly what or even why something is or isn’t working in your relationship. You are emotionally attached and therefore one of the most common issues is that you might find you are often reactive (rather than responsive) whenever your partner wants to talk about a problem.

With the added negative impacts of COVID19 being experienced by most of around Australia, and in particular here in Victoria couples are feeling more extreme emotions (in the positive and negative sense, including anger and despair).

” There is a lot of research and evidence stating that, over time, couples naturally build up a lot of associations and assumptions that have them operating in a kind-of “autopilot” mode. This can have a positive or negative impact on the relationship.

Positive associations and assumptions will have you both experiencing elevated emotions such as a sense of awe, total admiration and sexual arousal in daily situations without even saying a word to each other.

While negative associations and assumptions will have you both experiencing reactivity, such as frustration and irritability, in daily situations even without a single word being spoken.

Our Relationship Enhancement Coaching works because:

  • We help our clients (usually a combination of 1:1 and 1:2) to become responsive rather than reactive by firstly showing them how to let go of unwanted negative emotions and thoughts from the past. We use a few different and proven methodologies and we realise the importance of tailoring the right methodologies for the situation at hand and to suit the personality of the people we are working with. Often NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is very helpful relationship re-building and reconnection.
  • Once our clients are free of reactivity (or able to manage it well) we can help them to be more resourceful and creative with the way they communicate and show they really do care and love their partners.
  • We inspire and encourage clients to become more creative and compassionate when it comes to brainstorming solutions to some of their problems. We help you with the application of the solutions by finding ways to make it fun for both of you. Sure, there may be some resistance to having fun because you have both programed each other to interact is a certain way over a period of time and it can feel “silly” or dismissive if it were to start being fun. “Don’t’ take yourselves so seriously!” is a phrase that needs to be on your fridge door. This important part of the program is the No.1 reason our clients experience significant progress with rekindling their romance and reignite the “spark” between them
  • Reviewing your goals (individual and as a couple or family) is also important to include in the sessions. Realignment with your values is including in approach.

There are many practical ways to do this and our Relationship Enhancement-focused Life Coaches have a list of resources and the experience to help you have the renewed depth of connection you want with your partner you are craving.

Who can benefit?

Don’t worry if your partner doesn’t want to come to the sessions. Great results can be produced when one person in a relationship chooses to create subtle, positive ripples within the relationship, for the greater good.

” Relationship Enhancement Coaching suits those of you in a strained relationship who may have found “Couples Counselling” to be prone to causing more arguments and even despair. This is not to say counselling isn’t or hasn’t been of value to many couples out there. We are simply offering a fresh and enhancing approach.

Call our Founder (the match-maker for coaches and clients), Sandy Ewing on 1300137706 to discuss your current situation. To avoid “phone tag” she suggests you arrange a mutually suitable time for this important 10-15 minute call click on her diary link-