Job Security?? But weren’t you thinking about a career change anyway?

As we start to slowly emerge from lockdown many people will be asking; Will I lose my job?  “Stood down”, what does it mean anyway?  Am I in the right job? These uncertain times can certainly bring up the concern of job security, but also presents an opportunity to truly check in with yourself and […]

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should Have you ever found yourself doing things that you are competent at, but that you don’t particularly enjoy? While you may not actively dislike the tasks, they certainly don’t energise you and perhaps they even leave you feeling bored. Maybe you’ve thought about moving into a new […]

3 Steps to Leading a Multigenerational Team

3 Steps to Leading a Multi-generational Team Gen Y have not only now entered the workplace, but they have also entered management roles which means that they need to lead, motivate and engage different generations with each bearing their own strengths.  The challenge is as much about understanding the generational differences and communicating and leading […]