As a creative coach and mentor, creativity is well and truly at the crux of everything I do, everything I coach and everything I am.

I wholeheartedly believe that creativity is something that can be ignited in each and every one of us regardless of who we are or what we do for a living. Now, I can appreciate that creativity means different things in different industries, though I believe that being creative is simply being true to ourselves.

Being true to ourselves means spending more time doing what makes us happy, doing what we love. It means giving ourselves the opportunity to really listen to that inner whisper living inside us all, that points us in the direction of a more purposeful, fulfilling and playful life. When we tap into that source which I call creativity, we step into a space where we can take more risks, we can think outside the box, we can be more innovative and courageous as we navigate forward in our professional and personal life.

We lead lives that can be enormously busy juggling different balls, sometimes all at once. My philosophy is that putting creativity in the driver’s seat can inspire self-confidence, resilience and authenticity in our working and personal lives. When we ignite that creative spark, we live more in curiosity, rather than self-doubt. We live more in purpose, than confusion. Finally we live more in humour. And you know what they say about humour? Smiling is the highest form of meditation. I highly recommend it!