Sessions with Hermann are a truly unique and necessary experience in growing and expanding the self.

Hermann provides a safe and comfortable space to work within, with no judgement or expectation. Working in the creative industry as an actor, writer and producer previously diagnosed with heightened anxiety and depression, working with Hermann has allowed me to live a free and light filled life, continuously aware of endless possibilities and achieving my truest desires.

Having seen professionals in the past and believing “I was good”, it was not until letting go with Hermann that I am blessed to know there is always another level and freeing experience to all that is and truly being. Hermann through his endless experience and knowing has allowed me to be my true self with the ability to look beyond “anxiety”, “depression” and “fear” and truly have the life that is.

To explain the power and light Hermann allows you to see in the world would do it no justice, it is an experience you deserve and I could not recommend more.