“Emma coached me through a period that I was considering personal and professional changes to live more aligned to my values. 

Her calm, inquisitive and empathetic nature made me feel safe to explore answers to her thoughtful questions. We set clear goals that I wouldn’t have arrived at – and definitely not as quickly – without her help and I met them over the period we set out, helped by the check-ins with her at our regular sessions. 

Emma makes you feel seen and heard in each session and I was truly committed to the work thanks to how tailored she made every conversation – often seeing what I needed when I couldn’t see it myself. 

Our success lay in Emma’s ability to draw out answers to critical questions that I already knew but couldn’t organise into a clear plan – but did with her help! 

I can truly thank Emma for major life decisions in my family and work life that have led me to a more peaceful place!”